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Spotless Carpet & Upholstery is a multi-service operation that provides homeowners with critical services for their homes. Some of these services are aimed at beautifying the interior of their homes such as the carpet, tiles as well as furniture cleaning. Others are focused on improving their health and quality of life through clean ducts and vents. Yet more are geared to saving them money by lowering energy bills through efficient repairs of their dryers and stopping water leaks.

We are in a position to perform dryer lint cleaning and increase the efficiency of your machine. Our cleaning services enable your dryer to work better and faster, which reduces its energy usage and lowers your utility bills in Bellaire TX. This is especially needed if you have found that your dryer needs more time to dry your laundry even though it is a normal load. Adding more time or longer cycles uses up your energy and your money.

Home Vent Cleaners - Lint Removal

We can help you save this money if you call for our dryer vent cleaners. We not only perform this job expertly to save you money, we also prevent the risk of fires which can result if your hot air vents are severely blocked by the lint.

Our professional dryer cleaning work is guaranteed to keep your machine operating efficiently and saving your energy bills for a long time to come. Cleaning dryer vents is a skills; it is also one that needs extensive experience which our technicians have. That is why they are able to provide you with the quality that you need.

If you need dryer vent cleaning service at any time in Bellaire Texas, especially if you have noticed your machine doesn’t dry laundry in normal cycles or that your clothes are too hot, call us.

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